E-Blue Gaming Is Ready To Take North America By Storm.

E-Blue Gaming Is Ready To Take North America By Storm.


For those of you who don't know us yet, please let me introduce our company. 

We are E-Blue Gaming and we manufacture and distribute the best quality and stylishly designed Gaming Furniture and Gaming Peripherals on the market. 

You can read a short bio on who we are on the About Us page. 

As a nearly 20 year old company, we've grown with the industry and have tapped into what fanatical gamer's want and need to perform at their best without sacrificing comfort and affordability. 

E-Blue Gaming is a fast growing and ever evolving brand. 

We have our name associated with some of the coolest gaming advancements, including tournament centers and even redefining what an Internet Cafe can be. 

Our roots & history are deep and wide in the Asian gaming market, but we see a place for our company and brand in the competitive North American Gaming Marketing. 

We have many many exciting plans for our domination of Gaming Market over the next few years. 

We invite you to follow along on our journey, and to become a happy and awesome customer. 

-The E-Blue Gaming USA Team

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