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32INCH -1080P /144HZ - SCION (Hybrid Tower-Monitor)

  • $688.00

World First "Hybrid Tower-Mon" for gamers, a breakthrough new concept  that we've developed over years :a tower combined with a monitor that will hold gaming components like a normal gamer would prefer.  

So it is not only a 2-in-1 set-up like a business uses, but also designed specifically for the gamers that can customize build a single piece device without any cords connecting set on their desk, turn into a extreme coolest 2 in 1Gaming PC that gamers can mod their needs. 


Allied with SCION-32 in the battlefield 

▪ 144 MHz Response Rate super fast gaming panel in use
▪ Mystic emblem symbolizes the warrior.
▪ Highly durable damper bearing enables flexible
angle adjustment.Refined & expedient design gives you speedy control
▪ Control panel: Power on/of, Menu, +/- buttons, Back.
▪ Sufficient ports preserved for multi-devices.
▪ Double ports for 3.5 audio and USB connection at the base Gaming without limitation, Enjoy the ultimate experience
▪ Scion-32 integrates aesthetic design with powerful functions.
▪ Space-saving design fits in every environment.
▪ Unbeatable outlook, cable-free, no more mess.
▪ High compatible with most of the display cards. ▪ Embeddable with M-ATX motherboard.
▪ Combinable with motherboard for major memory. ▪ Combinable with Motherboard for CPU.
▪ 450W power supply safeguard highly-efficient performance.
▪ Fine fit with double disks HD Mechanical Hard Disk x1pcs, SSD Hard Disk x1pcs

We Can Not Ship To Hawaii Or Alaska

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