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EEC410 Auroza gaming chair (Hong Kong/香港)(Price is USD)

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  • 全亞洲首創,刻上您的名字或圖案在一張您的電競辦公椅上。
  • 量身定製的“刺繡”,突出自己的風格。個人/團隊/公司標誌作為字符簽名。
  • 周年紀念/生日/情人節送一份特別的禮物給“他/她”,帶來最特別的驚喜。
  • 專業刺繡工序,貼心跟進服務,為您定製獨一無二的遊戲辦公椅。
  • 專為電競玩家設計的人體工學電競椅,除了打電競遊戲外,亦適合家中書房及辦公室使用和襯托。


    Now you can customize a name / logo on your own gaming chair based on your own thought. Free shipping.

    • Pioneer in Asia, It is a chance to engrave your personal name or trademark on an eblue gaming/office chair that you deserve.
    • The tailor-made embroidery can highlight your own characteristic. It could be personal/team/company logo or signature.
    • The greatest gift and the most unique surprise for his/her birthday, Valentine's Day & Anniversary.
    • We provide professional embroidery and considerate follow-up service that help you create your own gaming chair.
    • This ergonomic gaming chair is specially designed for eSports players. It is also suitable for home/office use.


    EEC410 Auroza遊戲椅

    • TUV 4級氣彈簧
    • 舒適PU皮革,密度50%+泡沫填充
    • 耐用的一體式結構,耐用的五點式底座(尼龍和GF),全向腳輪
    • 扶手左右32度旋轉,座椅傾斜和靠背可調(最大130度)

    EEC410 Auroza Gaming chair

    • TUV Class-4 Gas spring.
    • Comfort PU Leather, density 50% + foam filling.
    • Durable one-piece structure, durable five-points base (Nylon & GF), Omni-directional casters.
    • 32℃ rotation of armrest, adjustable seat tilt & back(130℃).


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